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By supporting McCallum Dance, you are supporting students who are recognize and want to take advantage of the value of a deep dance education along side their academic pursuits. Our dancers do more than just dance; they contribute to the rich culture at McCallum Fine Arts Academy through their participation in theater, athletics, drill team, cheer, band, and orchestra to name a few. 

You are also supporting access to dance education for all.  As part of our public high school, all students have access to apply to the Dance Program.  This program strives to provide the highest quality resources for all students enrolled. 

Your donations will go toward the cost of outside choreographers and master classes that immerse the dancers in the the diversity and richness of different dance forms, scholarships and financial support for students to take advantage of the full breadth of opportunities of the dance program, high quality videography of performances that can be used by students to add to their personal portfolios, and much more.

You can support the program through a donation, or purchase of a student tribute in our program.

Images from our recent Dance Concerts.  Photo credit: Mike Reyna, Violet Crown Photo Works

Donate at any level! 

Enjoy additional benefits if you join our Community Circle at the donation levels outlined below.

Silver | $150

Gold | $250

Platinum | $500

Diamond | $750